Scott's new "Legolas" hairdo
The back of Scott's hair
Jenny also got a cure hairdo
The back of Jenny's hair
The master stylist, Jenn

Mike reads Jenny a Harry Potter trivia question
An intense game of taboo
Tabatha is bored while it's not her turn
Jeremy celebrates victory

Jenny enjoys dinner and a book
Kitty doesn't like flash photography

Sunset series 1
Sunset series 2
Sunset series 3
Sunset series 4
Sunset series 5
Sunset series 6
Sunset series 7
Sunset series 8
Sunset series 9
Sunset series 10

Scott plays a computer game

Scott shows off his new hairstyle
Jenny looks up important information online

Jenny and Flugeldorf
Jenny knows that good ear hygiene is important

Kitty thinks the camera is interesting.
Jenny is molested by a work of art
Scott tries the camera on himself
Carl and Flugeldorf

We got 6 inches of snow on Christmas eve!
The barren wasteland of Illinois.
Jenny Frazier forces pookie out into the snow
Boris prepares for mischief

Boris and Jen enjoy the comforts of the couch.
Scott draws a map for the AD&D group
The players are enthralled by the stunning action.

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