MAD FIGS Digest #1-3: 5/26/97

Well, we're back down to 3 subscribers. The address I got from the Idiotic Gimp didn't work, so until he gives me a better one he's off the list. But on a brighter note, I got a letter from Jacob, so hopefully he has found an address and will be subscribed soon.

Added "Highly Honored and Respected Individuals" Page
Added "Forces of Good and Evil" Page
Added Music Page
Added "14 Legend" Page
Added FGOTC Update Page. Accessable from Sascha's profile, or directly at:

None for today... I didn't see any FIGS around. I think Paul went out of town or something.

If you wish to unsubscribe, have any comments or suggestions, or find an error somewhere, send mail to

Once again I am asking for everyone's input on the page... this could be a new section ofthe Digest! (mental note... include new section of Digest)

First, please read the info I have added on the FGOTC... if you have additions or disagree with something, let me know.

Second, I need everyone to send me info about the MAD FIGS Missions. The list is available on the homepage or on the original MAD FIGS documents... I'd like to have a complete summary of each mission, and your input would be helpful (especially on the missions I didn't participate in).

Scott Dogg

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