MAD FIGS Digest #1-4: 5/27/97

I have recieved distressing news - 1/3 of the subscribers to this list are unable to access the web pages! If anyone else experiences problems, contact me immediately. Despite this setback, the MAD FIGS homepage continues to grow, and as soon as its expansion slows I will focus my attention on expanding the subscription to the Digest. Thousands of people will soon be flocking to follow the MAD FIGS.

5/27- Added "Statements of the MAD FIGS Doctrine" Page
Added "MAD FIGS Stuff" Page
Added "Rituals" Page
Added "Languages" Page
Corrected spelling errors on Melquiades' Profile and the music page

None. School resumes tomorrow. YAHOO! Only 5 days left for Scott Dogg!

If you wish to unsubscribe, have any comments or suggestions, or find an error somewhere, send mail to

I'm still waiting for info on personal Mission experiences. I'll start adding my own experiences tomorrow, but I need help!

Also, if anyone has access to copies of the original MAD FIGS Newsletters (the ones Jacob put out last year and this year) I'd like a copy to put online. These are classic pieces of MAD FIGS histori and should not go unrecognized.

Scott Dogg

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