MAD FIGS Digest #1-5: 5/28/97

Today is a momentous occasion, on which we welcome the first member of the MF Club to the Digest. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that I got his address right, so if you're reading this Bui I got lucky.

5/28 - Added "MF Club" Page
Added "Scott Dogg's Links" and "The Animal's Links"
Added "THE Mission" and "Super Quorum Mission" pages
Added "MAD FIGS Parables" Page at:

Still nothing interesting. Today Paul apparantly showed up at my house waiting for Jacob to come running with him. Then Jacob never showed up so Paul left. What a couple of nuts.

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First and most importantly, I have added my personal takes on our two biggest missions. Read them and tell me what you think. I need info on exactly what the other groups were on THE Mission [looking at Vinnardo] so how about it?

Second, I have added the MAD FIGS Parables page. It is intended to relate our experiences that have not been covered elsewhere in the Legend. I think "Parables" is a pretty good title, but if you have a better idea tell me. Also give me ideas on what other stories should be included.

Finally, I still need mission takes! I did not participate in many of them, so the accounts I give will be nothing but heresay. Furthermore, as a new feature I have included a space on each mission page for comments/ ratings of each mission by the participants. Look at it to get an idea what we're going for, then send me your comments for inclusion. [Note: don't over do it with the rankings... I expect a 10 only on your very favorite mission ever, maybe a couple nines and a few eights, but it will make high ratings irrelevant if all missions get them.] Take your time on all this. The web page will continue to be updated on a daily basis.

Scott Dogg

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