MAD FIGS Digest #1-6: 5/29/97

Today is another momentous day for the MAD FIGS digest, with the addition of not only Bui (who address I believe I have correct now), but another new member, Johnnie Naylor for UCSC. for our new members, the address of the web page is:

5/29 - Unfortuantely, Geocities, the host of the webpage, was being troublesome today, and I was unable to access the editor to update any pages. However, I did explore the promotions offered at Geocities, and the MAD FIGS are now listed on several major search engines. I am most proud of our listings at the ComFind Business Directory (Under "Sexual Counceling and Therapy") and Mallpark, Inc (Under "Adult Gift" Retailers).

There are still many more lists that I plan to apply to, so the MAD FIGS expansion can continue.

I have no school today (Thursday) and I'll be updating the page during the day... don't be surprised to find new material not mentioned above.

The MAD FIGS will be represented at the something-or-other Mud Run late this June. I don't know all the details (help me out, Animal?) but Paul, A-Ron, Scott Dogg, Animal, Andrew, and a yet-to-be-determined 6th man (Justin? Hint Hint) are going to be running 5 miles through mud and climbing over walls. Or something like that.

The 4th Annual Last Day of School Mile Run has not been discussed much, but I'm assuming it will be held on Thursday, June 5th, the day after graduation and the last day of school for everyone else. BHS Track at 3:00. Be there or... well, I guess you're probably pretty smart, because if you're not there you don't have to run.

I don't usually include "personal" news, but this was too funny... while on America Online, I got an instant message from someone asking if I was gay. I guess that's what you get if all you talk about is Tori Amos in your profile.

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Due to the totally underwhelming flood of information from the actual MAD FIGS on the digest, I will continue to be the only one whose opinions are represented on the webpage. I'm still waiting for links, mission summaries, stories, or takes (that don't suck) on anything else.

Scott Dogg

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