MAD FIGS Digest #1-7: 5/30/97

As predicted, the MAD FIGS Digest is blowing up all over the place! Today we see not 1, not 2, but _3_ NEW SUBSCRIBERS to the list! Welcome to Zen from UCSC, and to Brian and Linda from Bullard. At the rate we're adding members, the entire population of the planet Earth will be subscribed in only 8,767,123 years! For newcomers, the webpage is located at:

5/30 - ADDED MAD FIGS COUNTER!!! How many people have visited the website? Visit to find out! Just try not to be number 14, or else you will probably die.
Added Ron Mission and Fysics Mission pages
Updated MAD FIGS Parables page (but have not added any actual stories yet)
Corrected various errors all over the place

Still slow, due to finals schedules. Hopefully that will be changing this weekend (frisbee, anyone?) The Great Vinnardo is very interested in becoming the 6th man on the Mud Run team... we are now pretty much a lock for dead last place (actually, I think that guarantee came when I signed on).

If you wish to unsubscribe, have any comments or suggestions, or find an error somewhere, send mail to

Any/all submissions are welcome, especial from actual MAD FIGS (hint, hint)

Scott Dogg

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