MAD FIGS Digest #1-8: 5/31/97

Disappointingly, we have no new subscribers to the list today. But that's OK. Because I'm thinking long-term now... numerous people have told me that they don't have email right now, but once they go to college they immediately want to subscribe. So the future looks bright.

Added "MAD FIGS Digest Archive" Page (still missing the actual archive, but I'll get to it tomorrow most likely)
Updated MAD FIGS Parables (also lacking actual parables, maybe I'll get to this sometime after graduation)
Updated "MAD FIGS Approved Places" Section (Thanks to Jacob and Matt)
As per usual, corrected various errors

OK, this is a huge! huge! hugehugehuge! section of the digest. Although the news is still classified as of today, I can reveal that it involves the race being held tomorrow at Clovis Lakes. The MAD FIGS will be heavily represented there, and I have high hopes for our success (well, for everyone else's success at any rate).

Also, we have recieved confirmation of the Great Vinnardo's interest in the Mud Run event held in late June. Since Jacob has also expressed interest, I have decided to resign my position on the team. But don't feel bad, I've been praying that I wouldn't have to do it. Have fun wading through 5 miles of manure-filled mud, ya morons! hahaha! Free! I'm free!

Hey kids, tell your friends - it's the 4th Annual Official Last Day of School Mile Run!
BHS Track, June 5, 3:00 pm. Spectators and runners welcome!

If you wish to unsubscribe, have any comments or suggestions, or find an error somewhere, send mail to

I'm thinking about sending out an official announcement about the 4th AOLDOSMR, so everybody send me your lists of Bullard Student email addresses. We want to get the attendance into the triple digits this year, so I'd really appreciate the help.

Scott Dogg

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