MAD FIGS Digest #1-9: 6/1/97

Due to the fact that I've spent today running, swimming, and working, I am damn tired tonight. The fact that I only got 3.5 hours of sleep last night doesn't help any. So this is going to be fairly short, I'll add details when the stories go up on the webpage.

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If I included everything here now, I'd be up all freakin' night. So this will be more like a highlight film.

First, Jacob and Vinnardo picked me up at 6:30 am. No one else knew that Justin would be in town, so he hid under a big pile of towels in the back seat. No one noticed until the car was full and someone was about to sit on him. This was the first time we've had a Super Quorum (all 7 letters) since last August. A momentus occassion.

Unfortunately, Jacob was less than excited about the fact that 8 people were in his car, since one lacked a seat belt. There was absolutely no room to fit anyone else, and Jacob "forgot" to stop by Angry Bear's house to tell him the bad news. All I know is one minute we're going down Bullard, the next minute we're on the Freeway. Well below average.

The run itself was less than spectacular also. Sascha managed to win his age division (20-24)! in the 2 mile, and Jacob got 2nd in his division in the 4 mile. But more importantly, "Vinnardo, Great" and "Dogg, Scott" entered in the 4 mile race and completed it - without shoes! Not a wise idea for anybody else thinking about running 4 miles barefoot (as if anyone else would ever even think of such a thing). The Animal also kicked my ass in the 4 mile, and Paul, Nate Olsen, and Sascha's friend Jeff all did well in the 2 mile.

After the race, the MAD FIGS set up a frisbee game against Madera. Not a pretty sight. Not only were they average players, they insisted on playing most of the game with 2 or 3 less people than the MAD FIGS. Not a wise move. However, this game caused us to look at our playing style and decide that there is work to be done before the FGOTC on June 14 (grr).

Needless to say, Sascha and Clovis Lakes is a perfect combination. "Hey, Baby!" was heard numerous times throughout the day. NOTE: Sascha did not come home with us. Overall, yesterday was one of the best MAD FIGS experiences in recent memory. Look for the complete story on the webpage sometime soon!

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