MAD FIGS Digest #1-10: 6/2/97

To the best of my knowledge, all subscribers to the Digest now have access to the webpage. This is good, because there's lots of cool stuff. I think everybody should have access to the webpage, it could change lives.

6/2: Archived issues #2-9 (available from the MF Club page)
Added summary of the Clovis Lakes race
Added JSA story page
Added list of great Frisbee moments (all the preceding available from the Parables page)
Added the Dancing Article I wrote for JSA (available from JSA page)
Updated main page to allow easier access to FGOTC page

Today there are 2 bad news items and 2 good news items. We'll start with the good news.

Justin has informed me that he has access to a scanner, and should soon be adding several photographs to the webpage. This will be a big step for us when it does come about.

Also, I've decided that we should plan to have a big Ultimate game after the LDOSMR. I'll be sending an announcement about it to all Bullard people I know tomorrow.

Now, the bad news. First, I've found out that I am going to be running in that confounded Mud Run, since Paul won't be here for it. Doh doh doh.

Second, I've sustained a new injury to my feet. Not only are there 2 holes in my left foot, I also have a giant blister on the right foot. I discovered this while running at Woodward Park (barefoot) with Paul this afternoon Hopefully, I'll be better by the 14th... actually, I'd like to be better by the 5th!

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Angry Bear has given me two points of interest:
1) We should have a Forensics page telling about cool stuff we've done. This shouldn't be too difficult, since I've been on hand for about 95% of that stuff. But,
2) Angry wants to read about the Disneyland mission. Since I didn't go, somebody should right an account of it soon, before Angry gets even angrier!

Scott Dogg

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