MAD FIGS Digest #1-11: 6/3/97

I'm really really tired right now, so if there's a really long section in the digest that doesn't seem to make sense today it'll probably be due to me falling asleep on the keyboard (actually, I just described the entire body of the first 10 issues of the digest. Go figure).

6/3 - Added "Last Day of School Mile Run" page
Added the brick joke and the airplane joke (all available from Parables page)

I finally got around to writing and sending the memo about the 4th AOLDOSMR, so you all should have recieved a copy of it. If you didn't, then that means something is wrong with my AOL. Come to think of it, my computer has been behaving strangely lately... well, I hope it got out to everyone safely.

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One note: in yesterday's digest, I mentioned that the Angry Bear wanted to read about the Disneyland mission... I meant the Christmas Eve 1996 mission. I was really tired last night too. I'll catch up on sleep someday... maybe...*YAWN* zzzzzzz...

Scott Dogg

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