MAD FIGS Digest #11-1: 4/20/07

Well, it seems like it's only been a few days since the last MAD FIGS Digest came out, but I figure there has already been enough news for another one.

The MAD FIGS website ( has finally received an update, now listing the complete results from the last two Septathalons! Unfortunately, I still haven't been able to locate the CD with all the photos of the 2005 event that Jenny #3 gave me. I know it's here somewhere, so it will turn up eventually.

Speaking of the Septathalon, the 2007 competition is right around the corner! The central planning committee has already proposed a great idea for the supplemental event (wiffle ball home run derby) but a date still needs to be decided on. Either July 20-21 or August 3-4 should be fine for me, but it depends on everyone's schedule this year. I heard a rumor that this issue was under discussion, so hopefully someone can provide more information.

This year's Davis Ultimate Invite was reportedly a resounding success, with the Fresno team actually winning a game on day 1! Unfortunately weather conditions interrupted the satellite video transmission on Sunday, so I didn't find out the final results.

Finally, one of the most highly-anticipated events in history will be occuring soon - the Unofficial MAD FIGS Reunion! If you're meant to attend this prestigious occasion, you should already know the date, time, and location. I will see you there!

Scott Dogg

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