MAD FIGS Digest #1-12: 6/4/97

5/4 - Added "The Runner's Prayer" (Available from Parables)
Archived issues #10-11

Graduation is tonight! With the exit of the Animal, Scott Dogg, the Incredible Guy, and A-Ron from Bullard, only Super Scrub remains to carry on the legacy. We know he'll do a good job, and Will get help from our Highly Honored and Respected Individuals as well. And the MAD FIGS will come back for a little Frisbee once in a while.

Training for the FGOTC has resumed... the Animal, Jacob, and I ran this evening. Noticeably absent was the Idiotic Gimp, who had to "attend a graduation party". Yeah, right! The word "sissy" comes to mind.

Only 1 more day til the 4th Annual Official National Last Day of School Mile Run! Tell your friends and neighbors!

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Scott Dogg

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