MAD FIGS Digest #12-1: 4/1/08

I know that nobody likes to be inundated with emails, so I try not to send out the MAD FIGS Digest too often. Even though it seems like just the other day when the last one was written, I think there's enough important news to warrant another new edition.

The biggest announcement is that the 2008 Septathalon is currently scheduled for June 6-7! This is quite a difference from our normally scheduled time, but by holding it earlier we will once again see the return of TeamEkins, sure to be making a much stronger bid for the family division this year.

There are still a few issues that need to be resolved for this year's event. The most important thing to determine is of course the second Supplementary Event, but luckily we have a proposal that's been highly praised by all that have heard it - Free Throw Shooting. The MAD FIGS have often proved their dominance on the Basketball court, most famously by using the dreaded Swarm defense and going head-to-head with the Armenian national team. Now, the top shooter among the MAD FIGS will finally be determined!

Proposed Event Rules: Players will have an initial round of 15 shots from the free-throw line, with the top 8 scorers moving on to a second round. The competitor with the best overall shooting percentage will be the winner. Tie Breakers: 1st - 5-round Sudden-death free throw shoot-off. 2nd - HORSE competition. 3rd - Slam dunk competition.

I've already heard a lot of support for this idea, but if anyone has additional comments feel free to let us know. We also need to think about when to hold the event - the best option I can think of would be at Bullard just before the barefoot mile. Ultimate Frisbee has been running much faster in recent years, so moving the schedule up slightly to accommodate this should be no problem.

The other major issue that needs to be decided is the location for the Ping Pong competition. We've held the event at multiple venues in the past, so anyone who wants to make a bid should do so ASAP. Having two tables available would be a definitely plus, allowing all the games to be played to 21.

We still have a couple months before the Septathalon, but it'd be nice to have things scheduled in advance. If you have any advice or contributions, please make them known!

Scott Dogg

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