MAD FIGS Digest #12-2: 11/11/08

This special edition of the MAD FIGS Digest was inspired by an important article spotted in the Fresno Bee, a follow-up to their recent coverage of the Animal's crushing victory in a local scavenger hunter competition where he and Lito soundly defeated all opponents.

3,000 take a long run in Fresno - Race marks first Fresno-area marathon since 1999.


Experience levels ranged from veterans like Juan Sobenes of Fresno, who ran his 119th marathon, to first-timers like the Animal, whose nickname, "Animal," was printed on his race bib.

"It was the first Fresno marathon in a while, so I had to be a part of it," the Animal said.

A Clovis mail carrier, the Animal particularly enjoyed running through neighborhoods he drives through every day on his route. The closed course spread across north Fresno and Clovis, making use of city streets and paved bike paths.

"I felt good most of the way," the Animal said. "But in the last three miles, every muscle in my legs started cramping."


The MAD FIGS website also has coverage of the marathon, including some exclusive photos. Unfortunately, the Animal was moving too fast to be captured on film, so most of the pictures are of Scott Dogg's much slower finish. However, sources indicate that he may have finished first overall in the highly competitive barefoot division of the race.

In other news, the Septathalon planning committee has introduced a proposal noting the huge success of last year's early event, and further suggesting that the 2009 competition be moved forward even further to April. This change would hopefully bring better weather, higher attendance by the itinerant fruit-selling demographic, and possibly even large-scale media coverage. Anyone with an opinion on this subject is welcome to send their thoughts to this mailing list for further discussion.

Scott Dogg

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