MAD FIGS Digest #13-1: 2/20/09

Since the weather at last year's Septathalon was far better than the usual, this year we'll see if having the event even earlier will further improve things! The proposed date will be the last weekend in April, the 24th and 25th. My research so far suggests that this date will work out, but let me know if anyone has a problem so we can discuss making a change.

Last year's schedule seemed to work out pretty well, so it should be fairly similar this time. The only change will be the second supplementary event, which this year will be the all-new Nerds Shooting Biathalon.

The classic art of target shooting is taken to a new level when the weapon is a straw and the ammunition is a box of hard candies. Competitors will be timed on a run through a short course, with four stops where their marksmanship will be tested to the limit. Any misses will result in a penalty being added to the final time. Full details TBA.

Woodward Park (tentative)

Tie Breakers:
1st - Long-distance marksmanship competition.
2nd - Live Field Test - first person to hit a motorcycle helmet wins.
3rd - Tombstone reenactment competition, judged on accuracy AND performance quality.

Hope to see everyone there!

Scott Dogg

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