MAD FIGS Digest #13-4 - 9/22/09

As some people may have heard, the MAD FIGS webpage was recently moved to a new server that allows a lot of interesting features to be added. One thing that I put in as I updated the files was tracking through Google Analytics, which provides detailed statistics on how many people have visited the site. Normally we get about 0-2 hits per day, so I don't keep a close eye on it. However, when I checked it recently I saw that since August 15th, the visitors had increased by 880 percent to an average of 75 per day! Virtually all of them were coming to read the Brick Joke:

If you search for "brick joke" we are the first result (due to the page being in pretty much the same location for well over 10 years), but I'm not sure why there is suddenly a renewed interest in this. I guess it must have been mentioned on a TV show or something, but it's still very mysterious.

Another interesting thing you can learn is what search terms people entered in order to find the site. Here are some of the most interesting ones this month:

figs language
jsa dances
airplane and a brick and a dog with a cigar
bill nye constitution
different ways to spell the name jacob
hypothetical calculating son of a gun columbo
jenny figs
johann steinke
robinson cup
the mad figs
woodward park fresbe golf

Keep an eye on - I'm almost done updating the old pages, so there may actually be new content coming soon! Current ideas include a satellite map of the frisbee golf course, more information on the long-rumored MAD FIGS movie, and more new Septathalon statistics. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know!

Scott Dogg

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