MAD FIGS Digest #1-13.5: 6/7/97

Merciful God in Heaven Above! The Great Vinnardo has stopped being a recruiting juggernaut and has moved on to just embarassing me. He adds 4 new members to his credit, bring his total up to 8 against my lousy 2. Can anybody else compete with that? I doubt it. But, we're happy to have the new members regardless of how they got here! Welcome to Seo Hui Han, esq; Tuan Nguyen, Christopher Lew, and Christian Noel. How iro... funny it is that the "Dictator Supreme" of WHOMP (We Hate Overweight Male Prostitutes) now subscribes to the MAD FIGS Digest. I guess this just goes to show that the MAD FIGS can coexist and cooperate with all other groups. Um, until we subvert them all and take over the world. Right, I forgot about that part. But as subscribers to the Digest, you will have priviliged status in our New World Order. Consider yourselves blessed.

6/7 - Updated links on about 1/2 the locations on the homepage

The Flash has gone out of town this weekend to do something or other. Paul and the Animal attended a Grad Party last night that I didn't get to go to because I had to work until midnight (BOO!), and they planned to play Frisbee at the party. Hopefully it went well. Discussion about the FGOTC (That's the Frisbee Game of the Century, for the new guys) should begin tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get thing figured out.

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I have delayed the debut of the Forensics section of the Homepage because it has taken on a larger scale than I had expected. It no longer resembles the "Greatest Frisbee Moments" page, it'll be more like the Missions page. I have decided to wait until its completion to make it available to the public, so you'll just have to be in suspense for a while (when I say it's large scale, I mean you could be waiting for another week! Seriously!). But I guarantee, it will be well worth it.

Scott Dogg

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