MAD FIGS Digest #1-15: 6/8/97

In the MAD onslaught of new members that came yesterday, several things got confused. Some were my fault, some weren't. First, I neglected to send Christopher Lew his copy of the Digest - my bad, I apologize. Second, I did not recieve the applications of two new members yesterday - Allen Sutton and Eric Jacobson. The first I recieved this evening, but the second never got to me and was added when the Great Vinnardo pointed out the omission.

Also, we have yet another new reader from Santa Cruz -, no name given. Anybody know who this guy is? Vladsky... sounds Russian... could he be a Commie spy? Somebody check him out.

At the rate we're adding members, we'll have the entire population of UC Santa Cruz subscribed by the end of the year, if not the entire world.

Paul, the Animal, and I attended Andrew Leet's graduation party tonight. It was a good time - we played a little Frisbee (and I am now convinced that if the Animalito was about a foot taller he'd be a great player, I still think he's better than me), a little Ping-Pong (non-obstacle), and watched "Jerry Maguire", which I think is way overrated. I kept losing interest in the film, and kept thinking we should be watching "Small Change" or "The Party" instead.

My God, this is amazing... the MAD FIGS are now reaching people we've newer heard of!! From an email addressed to

> Hi there, you do not know me but I was checking out your page and thought
> that it was pretty dang funny. I know the legend of the 14, for I am the
> ex-girlfriend of Josh Cosby. I was always hearing about the infamous 14 and
> it truely became a curse on me because the amount it was mentioned by
> others and him. To this day, that is a bad number.I am very glad to see
> that the legend of the 14 still lives on and is thrown in his face still to
> this day.
> Rachel

But I'm left wondering how exactly did she find us? Did she do a search on Josh Cosby or what? Maybe she's stalking Josh Cosby or something.

Also, in an email from the Great Vinnardo which echoes the sentiments many of us have felt for a long time:
>Jack-ob has finally left me with no choice but to call him GOD. Gimp Of the Day.

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