MAD FIGS Digest #1-16: 6/9/97

Just as the Great Vinnardo's membership drive slows down for a while, everyone else starts picking up the slack! Today, the Incredible Guy (Paul Steinke) refered me to 3 people who should be interested in the Digest: Jordan Schneider (pole vaulting madman), Linda Whitacre (card playing genius), and Kelly Smith (Boy Scout person who I don't know). Also, the Angry Bear suggested that I put Coreen Harada on the list as well. So if you're recieving this list for the first time, that's why (see below for unsubscription information if you're not interested).

Of course, Vinnardo has still recruited more people than everyone else put together... especially with the late addition of Kyrsten Spann from UCSC. Hello everybody! Welcome to the Digest!

6/9 - I was on course to finish the massive task of updating all the links on the webpage, but I had to talk to the Great Vinnardo about important stuff instead [See Below]. It should be done tomorrow, along with new parables and updates.

More HUGE news about FGOTC (Frisbee Game of the Century for new guys):
It's back on for the 14th! This is good and bad. Bad because, well, it's the 14th, but good because we can have full MAD FIGS attendance. The Fresno 'FIGS definitely need to have a meeting tomorrow to get caught up and make plans for the game (and transportation).

Also, clear your calanders for this Friday (the 13th, I might add)... Vinnardo's coming back! We've got a strategy session to work on, so plan on being there. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORI!

Another note for everybody: the game is (hopefully) scheduled for Baker-sfield, California, on June 14th around 11 am... spectators are VERY welcome!

I leave you with more words of wisdom from the Angry Bear:
> Sorry I couldn't make it for the last day of school run, I was already in sac, but I
> ran around a little bit on the train, that should be worth something.

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