MAD FIGS Digest #1-18: 6/11/97

Sorry about today's issue... but I'm having some computer problems right now. First of all, I just got a new Computer!!! I'm still trying to get all my old files transfered over... it took me a really long time to get America Online working, and it still doesn't work too well.

Second of all, AOL just isn't working too well in general... it would let me sign on at all (even on my old computer) yesterday.

But on the bright side, we have some new members... the Angry Bear has added Kim Church and Sol Smith to the list, and he also submitted some other guy, who I didn't really recognize... he must be from another school or something. But one thing I could tell was that he's not exactly Digest material. We also welcome Dovi and Nathan from UCSC. Hello.

None, due to technical problems. But that just means more once it starts working again...

FGOTC still planned for this Friday... will the 7th man be Jacob or the Angry Bear? Will the MAD FIGS make it to Bakersfield in time? Can the other team actually show up? Wait and see!

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Scott Dogg

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