MAD FIGS Digest #1-19: 6/19/97

This is the first Digest to go out in a while. There are several reasons for this:
1) I've been spending a lot of time trying to get my new computer to work correctly.
2) I've figured out how to network said computer to my old one, spent some tim kicking the crap out of Vinnardo in Warcraft II.
3) I've had to work more than I had expected recently.
4) I've been running a lot (see below)
5) I have an annoying habit of sleeping until 1 in the afternoon (and plan to continue this practice next year! HAHAHA!)
And most importantly, 6) AOL SUCKS!!!!!!! I had problems connecting, and then when i finally got on I couldn't read my old mail, which was very very distressing to me because I had some really important stuff that means a lot to me on there. Luckily, I had made a copy a while ago, and was able to reinstall it successfully. I also managed to save all the addresses I had, so all Digest members are safe.

I don't remember who's been signed on to the list since the last Digest came out, so if this is your first issue this is directed to you. Welcome, sorry about the delay, we're glad to have you, I'm working as fast as I can, yadda yadda yadda. The address is still:

WEB UPDATES: (Finally!)
Added the RONGO Song
Added stories of the MAD FIGS Bowl, Dollar Bill, and Mug (accessable from somewhere in the legend...)
Updated FGOTC page
Finished 90% of the updates I was supposed to do

A lot has happened since the last Digest, so I'll try to go in chronological order.

FGOTC: Cancelled until some point in the future. "Team Flits", the opponents of the MAD FIGS, was unable to make the game (see FGOTC page for details)

Father's Day Run: The Animal took 3rd place in his age division and could be seen in the background of a photo in the Fresno Bee on Monday, June 16. He also won a trip to San Francisco in the raffle after the race. "The Great Vinnardo and Happy Bear" (actual entry) started the race with shoes on, but finished the 6 miles barefoot. It was an intimidating sight for the other runners to see a 3-foot stuffed bear being dragged along the ground by some crazy guy in the race. An amazing experience. However, I am concerned about Happy Bear's safety. The Great Vinnardo has suggested many ways in which Happy Bear could be killed (Sacraficied to frisbee gods, drowned in fountain, thrown on top of skyscraper, used as fireworks on Fourth of July, beheaded, etc.).

Paul's Party: a festive occassion, with much frisbee playing, movie watching, and food. Unfortunately, the Incredible Guy is no longer with us for a while, and travels to Scotland for a month. I plan to watch Braveheart at least once a week in his honor.

Volkslaff (?) Race: I don't know how much about this I mentioned, but Jacob, the Animal, Justin, Andrew, A-Ron, and I are doing this insane 5.5 mile mud run this weekend. My only hope is that Jacob is unable to run because his wisdom teeth are getting pulled out this Friday.

For anyone who's never been there, Camelot is an amusement park type place that has minature golf and whatnot. The best attraction is the race cars. At the Camelot in Bakersfield, the race cars were nearly destroyed by the Great Vinnardo during a Forensics trip (see below). As soon as the Camelot in Fresno opens, the MAD FIGS are moving in there, and plan to open a Roxanne's Country Disco nearby.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, or wish to unsubscribe, send email to

OK, I've given up on debuting all of the Forensics stuff at once, because I'm having trouble remmebering what happened when. So I'm going to do it incrementally. Look for the summary of the 1996 State Tournament as early as this weekend.

Scott Dogg

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