MAD FIGS Digest #1-20: 6/25/97

Finally, a new edition of the Digest! Now everyones' lives can continue without worries or cares!

6/25 - ADDED FORENSICS PAGE!! It's about bloody time, too.
Added MAD FIGS Article

Last weekend, the MAD FIGS and Andrew Leet participated in the 3rd annual Goldschlagger run at Lemorre Naval Station. Not a good time. Here's my summary of the race: run, jump in mud, run, jump in mud, climb over wall, run, run in mud, jump in mud, climb over wall, run in mud, finish. I have vowed never to go within 200 miles of Lemoore ever again. This could prove to be difficult, since my house and my school are both less than 200 miles away from there. Oh well.

There was talk last week of "Lawrence and Malcom's Wacky MAD FIGS Island Invasion Mission" being executed sometime this week, but we were all really tired on Saturday, and nobody ever called me on Tuesday, so it's now postponed to some date in the future. We may even wait until Paul gets home to do it.

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Well, the clones finally wore me down on the Forensics page. It's 3 am in the morning, and I'm here awake. What the hell am I thinking? Oh well, I can always sleep next year.

Scott Dogg

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