MAD FIGS Digest #2-1 - 2/7/98

Boy, is it great to be using a computer again! While the rest of you were sitting on your asses here at home all during January, Scott Dogg was on a trip to Haiti. No, I don't know why I decided to go there. All I can say is that I'm sure glad to be back. As an interesting side note, the other students on the trip doubted my invincibility in the beginning, but who was the only person that didn't get sick the entire time? None other than yours truly. Damn it's great to be me.

2/7 - Updated Ping Pong League Rankings (we have a new champion!)
Added stories to Fat Louie's UCLA Adventures


A lot has happened since the last Digest was released, but since I had no access to my computer for the last 2 months it had to wait. First of all, the Great vinnardo has become the second of the MAD FIGS to leave for Europe on a long term basis. In late December, he left for London, although the purpose of this visit is unclear. Also unclear is how long he will be gone. But before he left, the official MAD FIGS bumper stickers were created. Reading "Team MF," they have more than a passing resemblance to the Carl's Jr. bumper stickers available this summer. Coincidence? Only vinnardo knows for sure.

Also in late December, the MAD FIGS (well, a few of us anyways) were scheduled to play frisbee with the Fresno High type people again. We showed up at Fresno State, and eventually the other players arrived. We stood around, tossing the disc between ourselves, waiting for someone to start the game. But this never occured. We were all getting nervous, and Tom suggested that we should just run away. The Animal and I immediately fled the scene, doing the "MAD FIGS honk" with the car horn and shouting "SLEEP TIGHT, YA MORONS!" as we sped away. Then we looked back and realized that no one else had followed us. Andrew later reported that everyone was "so pissed," but the game went on without us anyways. Oh well, we were able to take full advantage of 39 cent cheeseburgers at McDonalds that day, so it wasn't a total loss.

There hasn't been all that much activity recently, what with us being in different parts of the state (or the world) and all. But there is talk of an Ultimate Frisbee tournament in San Diego that the Animal, Fat Louie, and I might attend. If only the Animal would start responding to emails...(see below for a commentary on the subject).

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Scott Dogg


"THE ANIMAL IS A BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Fat Louie

"The lower river was up. This was Yazoo country, and the Davis plantation dock was a little wooden island, surrounded by marsh and canebrake."
-R. Garcia y Robertson, "The Virgin and the Dinosaur"

"MY GOD SCOTT!! You are amazing, that is all I can think of to say. I have not been to the MAD FIGS WEBSITE for a while and HOLY SHIT!! You have done some amazing shit. As you can see, I have not learned any new vocabulary words, the word for the quarter is AMAZING and I have to use it at least two times a day. All I can say is that I hope when I grow up I can be just like you."
-Kathleen Hurley

"I welcome you to share my Cheez Doodles and machine urine!"
-Paul the Samurai, "The Tick: The Naked City"

"When people tell you to drink lots of liquid when you're sick, they should specify what liquids. I was sick last night so I drank a lot of lighter fluid, and I had to have my stomach pumped."
-Gilbert Tsai

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