MAD FIGS Digest #1-21: 7/7/97

Another new day, another new MAD FIGS Digest. Ah, life is good.

I have once again forgotten who is a new member since the last Digest came out. I think the only new member is my friend Gretchen, but if this is anybody else's first edition, welcome.

I have decided to institute a new policy regarding membership. In order to be subscribed to the Digest, you must email me and request to join. No more "Hey, I bet so-and-so would just love to be a member!" This policy is a reaction to Justin's attempt to add over 100 people from UCSC. He said, "yeah, I told them all... they really want to join. Just don't mention that I was involved." This makes me think that many of these people would not in fact be interested, so I have decided that unless they ask to join, they won't be added to the list. So there.

7/7 - Archived Digests #16-20
Added "Special Suprise" to the Forensics page!! See it RIGHT NOW! You will literally fall out of your seat when you see it! I did!

Incredible Guy and Flying Tom Invade Europe!
Paul and Thomas are on a tour of Europe right now, and have many top-secret plans for MAD FIGS conquest. For a while, we heard nothing from him. Then, Linda Whitacre sent me this message:
> I am not sure when I exactly received this message from Paul,
> but I did. He was in a bar in Amsterdam and he said to tell you "hi"
> and he can't access the Homepage. Plus to all the Figs he said "Mad
> Figs' opperations here Will be starting soon." His note was short due to
> the fact that he was needed desperately on the dance floor. I think his
> exact words were "I'm about to go and enlighten the Europeans of the
> Dancing Machine."

Recently, I recieved a postcard featuring Ezekiel 25:17 and other interesting comments. I also recieved a brief phone call from Paul last week. He told me that he was in Scotland, and planned to spend a night sleeping outdoors in the Highlands sometime. However, this was not possible at the time because he and Tom had not taken showers for a few days. Make of this what you will.

MAD FIGS Lose an "A" (But don't worry, we've got more)
On June 30th, the MAD FIGS bid farewell to A-Ron Leong, longtime MAD FIGS associate member. He is off to the US Naval Academy. Before leaving, he went with me and Andrew on a mapping mission to Woodward Park. We now have a detailed map of the shoreline of the lake, which will be very helpful on the Lawrence and Malcom's Wacky MAD FIGS Island Invasion Adventure Mission.

On the bright side, A-Ron should have access to an email address soon, so he can finally subscribe to the Digest.

MAD FIGS Frisbee:
Last week, a large (6 on 7) Frisbee game was played at Bullard High School. Scott Dogg, Vinnardo, the Animal, and Animalito were joined by Linda Mai and Josh Cosby on "Team Figs", and Andrew, Adam Watkins, the Angry Bear and other guys from Bullard made up "Team Sissies" (named for their stopping the game to take a water break). In the end, Team Figs was vicTorious, and it was a good game of Frisbee (as usual).

If you have any comments or suggestions, or wish to be unsubscribed, send mail to

I have recently realized that adding stuff to the webpage has spiraled way out of my control, especially with the Forensics section. There is so much stuff to put on, I really can't remember it, and I have a hard time writing it down. So I need any people on the list who were actually in BHS Forensics to send me a list of cool stuff that I need to write about. Or, if you feel really inspired, write about it yourself and send it to me. Wouldn't that be a novel idea?

Scott Dogg

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