MAD FIGS Digest #1-25 - 10/97

Hello MAD FIGS and freinds! October has been an exciting month. Not only have we seen the reemergence of many old MAD FIGS and associates onto the email scene, but the number of subscribers to the Digest has exploded to 59! Keep up the good work and be sure to tell all your friends about it!

10/19 - Added the MAD FIGS Guestbook!!! Now you can leave a message for posterity on the MAD FIGS webpage!
Added "Current Status" Updates to MAD FIGS Member Profiles
Updated MF Club Page
Added Fat Louie's UCLA Adventures. If you are one of the many who don't recieve this continuing saga directly via email, it is now available at:


The Cardiac Pacer run, held on November 1 in Santa Cruz, CA, may be attended by the MAD FIGS this year! vinnardo has expressed an interest in driving literally all over the state to pick up various members and go to the race for running and Ultimate Frisbee playing fun! If it actually occurs (which remains doubtful), it could very well be an epic event in MAD FIGS history!

On a related note, it seems that all the MAD FIGS have found their ways to the local Ultimate Frisbee teams. Paul is playing at UCLA, the Animal is playing at Cal Poly, I'm playing at Redlands, and Justin is organzing games in Fresno. I suppose it was only a matter of time before this happened. You just can't keep the MAD FIGS away from Frisbee for long. Also, I finally got some cleats, so I'll be able to actually play "properly" (although I still like playing barefoot much more).

Things here at Redlands are going well. I've found people in my dorm who play Axis and Allies, Risk, and Monopoly, so I've been up to a lot of world domination recently. Conquering evrything that stands before you will always cheer you right up.

This Digest was originally scheduled to be sent out last Friday, but I found out that a new Tori song was available on the Internet, so I was spending a lot of time running from my room to the computer lab and then back to my room to get a disk and then back to the computer lab and then back to my room again. So I was pretty tired after that. And then I went to a debate tournament this weekend so I just got back tonight. Now all is well so life can continue.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, send email to

"The machine will be enlarged, but the fewer, and often the more secret, will be the springs by which its motions are detected."
-Alexander Hamilton, "Federalist Papers #59"

"Don't... Praise... the MACHINE!"
-The Simpsons, Elephant Epsiode

"Keystone species: A species deemed crucial to the survival of others in the ecosystem. In many tropical forests, fig trees and fig vines appear to be keystone species in the functioning of vertebrate communities." It goes on to mention: "fig flowers, fig wasps, fig fruit, MAture fig trees, fig crops."
"fig trees are a keystone species because so many other species rely on them for food, the health of the FICUS population rests on the health of the wasp population; the relationship between trees and the wasps forms the foundation of the entire community's health."
"in order to protect a species of particular interest, such as a monkey, it may be necessary to protect the keystone species on which it depends either directly or indirectly, such as fig trees."
-Paul's biogeography book (hmmm...)

"many tests...many papers...mmmm...clock towers...trusty M-16...hee hee"
-Gilbert Tsai

"Rated R For Brutal, Medieval Warfare"
-Braveheart Home Video Cover

Scott Dogg

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