MAD FIGS Digest #1-26 - 11/97

November has so far brought bolth good and bad tidings for the MAD FIGS. But the future looks promising, with a reunion of the MAD FIGS in Fresno over Thanksgiving break coming up.

Updated "Fat Louie's UCLA Adventures" Section


The Cardiac Pacer run was a non-event, with a disappointing 0 MAD FIGS in attendance. However, vinnardo has been hard at work in the Fresno road races, and has managed to get recognition for the racing skills of William Wallace and Doc Holliday in the paper.

Big Plans are in the works for the Thanksgiving holiday. Rumors have surfaced that Ultimate Frisbee teams from Edison, Clovis, and Fresno High want a piece of the MAD FIGS. We say, "Bring it on!" Of course, whether or not anyone will actually organize something is still extremely uncertain.
Unfortunately, the Idiotic Gimp has slacked off in his Ultimate playing, and vinnardo claims to be getting worse all the time. But the Animal and I remain optimistic, and have faith in the power of the MAD FIGS.

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Scott Dogg


"See, I told you there was an ice machine on the first floor, his name is J.K."

"I logged onto the Mad Figs homepage today. I do know the reason for the lights turning off when I walk by, which has continued I might add. When I looked at the screen the only thing my eyes focused on was the number 666. Yes! I put lights out by walking near them, the room above me is number 666, and there is one number that will only come up once on the Mad Figs homepage, and that is the number of the Devil, and I got it. No boots for Paul! OUT, maybe for guudt!"

"There are fourteen days until Thanksgiving leave! That's right... 14! We're all gonna die!"

"From fridge magnets to frisbees, we've got it covered."
-Art Gallery Guy, From Bean: The Movie

"Even though the voices aren't real, they sure do have some good ideas."
-Gilbert Tsai

QUOTE OF THE MONTH (And Perhaps of All Time):
"ANIMAL Rights Activists Arrested
Davis - A Fresno man was among three ANIMAL-rights activists arrested Sunday during a protest at the University of California at Davis. University officials said the trio hopped over a police barrier placed at the enterance to the California Regional PRIMATE Research Centrenear the main campus. They were accused of trespassing.
About 20 other protesters stayed in front of the centre and were relatively peaceful, UC Davis spokeswoman Karen Watson said.
The PRIMATE research centre, which uses MONKEYS to study human health problems, has been the site of numerous ANIMAL rights protests over the years. The most recent was in April, when 32 people were arrested, primarily for acts of civil disobedience.
Those arrested Sunday were GEOFFREY DERIVSHIAN, 20, of Fresno; Joshua Harper, 22, or Portland, Ore.; and Katie Louis, 19, also of Portland."
-The Fresno Bee, 11/3/97

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