MAD FIGS Digest #4-1: 6/9/00

Well, it's certainly been a long time since there was any official MAD FIGS correspondence, and unfortunately I am the one to blame. It all started last summer, when some kind of error at Geocities deleted the legendary MAD FIGS website in its entirety. I tried very hard to get it restored, but all my efforts produced no results. I ended up becoming disappointed, and basically gave up on the whole prospect.

However, I went back to the Geocities site for the first time in months, holding a small hope that the files might have been restored at last. While the hope was no fulfiled, there was one important difference: the site address. The location of the MAD FIGS website has inexplicably been changed to...

Obviously, this is a MUCH more convenient address than the previous one! I believe that it may be an omen, signifying that the time for reconstruction has arrived. Also since I am still unemployed, I once again have free time to work on the page! I've put up a few of the old files, but there are still many more left to convert.

One thing that will certainly help the process is if you can send me any relevant materials. We don't have any pictures at the moment, so this is the highest priority right now. Any MAD FIGS photos you have scanned would be very helpful! Also, if you have anything like old Digests or Fat Louie's UCLA adventures those might be helpful. Quotes for the Digest are always welcome as well. Email anything you can dig up to:

Keep an eye out for future Digests, and watch the webpage for additions!

Scott Dogg

While I don't have any quotes this month, here's a heartwarming story about one Fresno family's holiday experiences.

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