MAD FIGS Digest #4-2: 6/15/00

This is just a short message to let everyone know that progress on the webpage is going well, thanks to contributions from Jacob and the Animal. The Animal has provided many important documents as well as some old pictures, and Jacob has created a secondary MAD FIGS website with lots of great stuff at
Even more is on the way soon.

Web Updates:
Added a few pictures here and there
Add many old Digests, only a few are still missing
Finished prototype for MAD FIGS profiles page
Restored the Legend of the MAD FIGS!

Obviously this is a lot of new (well, old actually) information. Feel free to review whatever looks interesting, and if you come across things that are out of date or can be added to (movies, music, etc) let me know and I will work on it.

The next thing I'll be working on is the MAD FIGS parables section, and then some other random sections that I still have. Eventually I will be adding a lot more pictures and last year's septathalon results. Hopefully info on the 2nd Septathalon is forthcoming... we'll have to wait and see.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, email them to

Scott Dogg

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