MAD FIGS Digest #4-4: 8/5/00

MAD FIGS DIGEST: Annual Septathalon Edition

The 2nd Annual MAD FIGS Septathalon, held last weekend, was a huge success. Although the overall results were very close to what was expected, there were some surprises in the individual events.

The Animal took 1st place for the second straight year, retaining possession of the MAD FIGS Dollar Bill. In fact, he was so confident that he "forgot" to bring it with him, presenting a crude forgery at the awards ceremony instead. While not as valuable as the original Dollar Bill nor the 2nd Edition Dollar Bill, the new counterfeit Dollar is certainly an interesting addition.

The real battle of the Septathalon took place over 2nd through 5th place, with a spread of only 350 points between these ranks. In the end, vinnardo came through in the lead, followed closely by the Animalito, Jaco Bekins, and Fat Henschel. Oddly absent from the mix was Paul, who is currently under investigation from the FBI for possible point shaving.

While there were only 5 female contenders in the Septathalon, competition between them was still fierce. The top female finisher was Jenni D, who won a tiebreaker over Jenny Sweaney by being present at the awards ceremony.


  1. The Animal 5150
  2. vinnardo 4350
  3. Animalito 4200
  4. Jaco Bekins 4100
  5. Fat Henschel 4000
  6. Scott Dogg 3675
  7. Paul 3550
  8. Angry Bear 3175
  9. John Ekins 3150
  10. Andrew P. 2600
  11. Andrew Leet 2600 - Absent for tiebreaker< li>General Swift 2275
  12. Matt A. 1900
  13. Jenni D 1700 - 1st Place, Female Septathalon
  14. Jenny Sweaney 1700 - Absent for tiebreaker
  15. Genebeaver 900
  16. Gilbert 800
  17. Heidi 600
  18. Kate Steinke 500
  19. McMath 300

If anyone wants to include their observations or comments on the Septathalon, please send them to the list. Look for complete results, individual event scores, and photos of the event on the MAD FIGS webpage soon!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, send email to

Scott Dogg


In reviewing the Official Septathalon Results, a minor scoring error has been discovered. Due to name similarity, Jenny S. was credited with 300 points in the Adventure Race and Jenni D. was credited with 0. While Jenny was the timekeeper for this event, Jenni D. was the one and only female finisher. This means that there was not in fact a tie between the two: in fact Jenni D. was well ahead.

Perhaps more importantly, this scoring change makes a difference in the overall ranking. The affected placements and scores are as follows:

13. Jenni D. - 2000
14. Matt A. - 1900
15. Jenny - 1400

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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