MAD FIGS Digest #5-1: 1/1/01

I hear that everyone else is having a great old time in Fresno without me, including one of the largest ultimate frisbee games in history. Well I bet you all wish you were here instead, since today I played frisbee with a snowman that I built! How could anything be more fun than that? Anyways, in case someone hasn't heard (which is fairly likely, since I never write much anymore), the MAD FIGS Digest is now based out of Champaign, Illinois. Jenny and I moved out here so she could work on her Master's Degree, and I'm now working at the local Kinko's, which really isn't so bad.

Anyways, the town is pretty much the same as Fresno (boring) only it's a lot colder. I probably won't be getting back for a while, but I will definitely be home this summer for the Septathalon. Since I'm missing out on this year's New Year's party, someone should probably let me know if anything interesting happens. This goes for other events that I am absent for as well...

Since I rarely hear anything at all from the other MAD FIGS, I'm just going to offer my best guess as to what we're all up to this year.

Justin: Ready to begin a record 14th semester at Fresno City College.

Fatty: Mild-mannered ambulance driver by day, super-heavyweight crime fighter by night!

Animal: Leading SLO CORE Ultimate Frisbee team towards the national championship.

A-Ron: Last seen piloting a top-secret submarine into uncharted waters.

Scott Dogg: Working at the 4th best Kinko's in the world (really!), keeping an eye out for cute girls for IG.

Jacob Ekinsheimerschmidt: Looking for wife #4 at BYU this year.

P. Steink: Busy digging expansion canal system through UCLA campus to provide greater challenge for the rowing team.

General Swift: Still impressing the ladies in Santa Barbara and beyond.

Super Scrub: Computer error leads to his re-enrollment as a freshman in high school instead of college.


In other news, the onset of 2001 means that there are only 6 years left until the Unofficial MAD FIGS Reunion (7/7/07). Mark your calenders now!

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Scott Dogg

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