MAD FIGS Digest #5-2: 3/3/01

WOW! This has been a monumental couple of weeks for the MAD FIGS. First, we get official announcements from the Septathalon coordinator, along with early odds from Vegas. Then, the new FIGSMAD webpage was introduced. What could be better, you may ask? Well, for one lucky MAD FIGS member, the answer lies below...

Added link to FIGSMAD image gallery
Minor updates to parables sections

Obviously, the biggest news recently was the Animal's introduction of dozens of classic MAD FIGS pictures, thought by many to be lost to the internet forever! The design of the new webpage is simple and straightforward, and the only obvious omission is the failure to mention that pictures featuring both WOW and the Preventor are worth $2.00 each.
In order to take full advantage of the new photo gallery, it is rumored that a comprehensive text index of all the MAD FIGS photos to be found online is under development. Keep an eye out for its release in the near future.

The other important piece of news involves the legendary MAD FIGS birthday mug. Until recently it was presumed lost forever, but the mug is now back in circulation among the MAD FIGS. Official sources from the U.S. Post Office indicate that the mug may be nearing the final leg of its trip from Illinois to Utah as we speak, and it is expected to reach the Provo city limits sometime this week. While the package containing the mug was mailed over 3 months ago, the post office decided to use its "most secure" transportation method - having one guy carry it by hand while another guy walked in front of him with a big pillow in case he tripped and dropped the package. While this seems to be taking longer than expected, the mug's safety certainly makes the wait worthwhile.

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