MAD FIGS Digest #5-3: 3/28/01

I knew there was a good reason for moving to Illinois:
Sunday, March 25, 10:00pm
The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL
That's right, the greatest band to ever sing songs that don't make any sense is still around, and I got to see them LIVE! Needless to say, it was a mind-boggling experience. However, it also lead me to make an important conclusion: G-Love and Sascha are related somehow (if they are in fact two different people, hmmm...)
Anyways, I'm sure you are all insanely jealous now. But this isn't the biggest news for this week...

WEB UPDATES - 3/28/01
Added lots of links to MAD FIGS photos
Added some 2001 info to the Septathalon page
Added several old Parables that had been left off:

Rediscovered and posted "Forensics" section, with ALL-NEW photos!
Updated MAD FIGS Links
Rediscovered Animal's links page
Basic changes to website layout, added some links between pages

MAD FIGS NEWS launched!
That's right, the time has finally arrived! Market analysis proves that the popularity of the MAD FIGS webpage has made it economically feasible to support an official web address (current annual revenue from site operations: -$40). Basically, the site is still in the same location, but typing in the new address will now take you directly there. Experts calculate that the shorter address will save the MAD FIGS up to 2500 hours per year, making the investment well worth the cost.

Web Updates Continue
Recents months have seen several huge developments on the MAD FIGS webpage, and more projects are still in the works. Currently under development are:
Photo Indexes (completed, but needs to be put into web format)
Ping Pong League rankings (incomplete... anyone have old scores?)
Septathalon results comparison: 1999 vs 2000
Music and Movie links/photos
Missions page
MAD FIGS: the movie - cast photos, etc.

Septathalon Questions Remain
The most obvious question that's on everyone's mind is: who will be this year's Official Score Keeper? There have only been a few things that we've promised but not delivered, and foremost among them is Kristin Cahill as moderator. Her presence could be the detail that makes this year's event even better than the last two.
In terms of the schedule, we know that Frisbee should be in the morning, and the barefoot mile should be the last event. Other than that the schedule is pretty much wide open, although negotiations are underway to come up with a preliminary draft. Keep checking the MAD FIGS webpage for details!
The support for the proposed tiebreakers recently sent to the list was overwhelming, and they will most likely be made official for this year's event. With the level of competition more intense than ever before, they could very well make a big difference in the final scores.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email

Scott Dogg

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