MAD FIGS Digest #5-4: 12/14/01

While there hasn't been anything significant happening that hasn't already been posted to the list by someone else, popular demand has called for another MAD FIGS Digest before the year's end.

Web Updates:
-Uploaded Johann's comic book about the MAD FIGS! (available at
-Uploaded some 2001 Septathalon photos! (not embedded in the actual Septathalon pages yet, but still listed under the photo index at

I hear that the planning for the Silicon Bowl trip is going well. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend this grand event (or the Sugar Bowl either, for that matter) because I can't afford to take any time off at the moment. But this is OK because I haven't been to a college football game since the 7th grade anyways.

Jacob is apparently still alive! This is news in and of itself.

In addition to the 4th annual Septathalon this summer, we could be looking at the first ever Official MAD FIGS Wedding, although only one of the people involved is one of the MAD FIGS (Scott Dogg). More details will follow when they become available.

Other vague rumors are circulating about a MAD FIGS Ultimate Frisbee tournament, road trip, and similarly strange events. However, specifics are sketchy at best and the stories may turn out to be false.

Submissions for the webpage are, as always, being accepted. We are especially in need of more photos from this year's Septathalon. Any contributions can be sent via email to, or through the post office as well. Photos and the like will be returned if requested. The address:

Scott Dogg
101 N. Busey, Apt #2
Urbana, IL 61801

If you have any questions, comments, or wish to be unsubscribed, send email to

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