MAD FIGS Digest #6-3: 7/7/02

There have been questions raised by some (2) members of this list as to why the Dancing Game was selected as the 2nd Supplementary event in this year's Septathalon. In addition to the reasons listed earlier, there was one thing that made up the minds of the Committee: forcing the Animal to make a fool out of himself. Certain members of said Committee were sure that the Animal would not miss points in the Septathalon at any cost, while others felt that this year's margin of victory would be so great that another 350 points wouldn't make any difference. In any case, it was agreed that even if we all look like fools in the process, the potential to take the Animal down with us makes it worthwhile.
Additionally, it should be noted that these were the ONLY two negative responses received, leading us to believe that no one else cares either way. Unless there is overwhelming support for this event this year, we will most likely move on to another possibility next year. Maybe next time those who don't express an opinion but still complain about the choices made will make themselves heard.

The transition to the new website is complete! All the links are fully functional, so the only thing left is to keep adding new content. The MAD FIGS webpage is now hosted completely on Apple's web server, but can still be accessed via
The old Geocities site has been removed, and now it only features a link to the new address. While giving up means giving up some of our history, it's worthwhile to get rid of the annoying banners and pop-up ads that have been added over the years.

The 2002 Septathalon schedule has been finalized, pending any objections. If you will have a hard time making it in time for Friday's events, please let us know ASAP so we can think about making other arrangements. The current schedule is as follows:

Friday, July 19
3:00pm - Frisbee Golf - Woodward Park
6:30pm - Dam Diner Dash - 1 mile from the Dam Diner
6:45pm - Dam Diner Dinner - The Dam Diner
9:00pm - Miniature Golf - Blackbeard's Pirate Course
11:00pm - Dancing Game - Blackbeard's Arcade
Saturday, July 20
7:00am - Adventure Race - Woodward Park
8:00am - Ultimate Frisbee - Woodward Park
12:30pm - Ping Pong - Ekins household
4:00pm - Bowling - Fresno State Bowling Alley
6:00pm - Barefoot Mile Run - BHS Track

The MAD FIGS webpage development team would like to send out a request to those of you that plan on taking photos of this year's event. If you don't mind parting with your photos for a few weeks, the staff would be more than happy to scan them in for inclusion on the website and then mail them back to you free of charge. The same thing applies to any of the rumored photos from past Septathalons which are not currently archived. Any submissions can be left with Scott Dogg during or after the 2002 Septathalon.

In other news, Jenny says she feels bad about making fun of the Animal in a recent MAD FIGS Digest.

Finally, while there hasn't been very much other public discussion of the upcoming competition, sources from Atlantic City tell us that there has been quite a bit of trash-talking going on behind the scenes. Things could get interesting soon.

Scott Dogg

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