MAD FIGS Digest 8-1: 1/21/04

It's hard to believe that the MAD FIGS have been online for almost 8 years now, but I looked it up and it's true! Some things have changed a great deal, but others remain basically the same (for example, the website design). Anyway, there are some important issues that need to be addressed, so it's time for yet another edition of the MAD FIGS Digest.

Multitudinous changes since the last Digest, far too many to list. Luckily, updates can now be easily tracked by visiting the "What's New" page: If you haven't been to the website for a while (or even in the last couple weeks), you're missing out on some great additions!

The 2004 Septathalon is approaching quickly, and the results from 2003 are already almost finished! (maybe) However, it looks like there could be trouble on the horizon this year. Early background checks performed by the CSIC (Covert Septathalon Investigation Committee, formed after the point-shaving allegations of 2000) have revealed that some competitors will be in Europe through the last week of July, and another will be out of the country until the same time.

The potential castrophe that looms ahead can be prevented by holding the Septathalon a week late, on August 6-7 instead of July 30-31. However, because this is a different time than the usual it could cause conflicts for other people instead. If anyone has comments or concerns about the schedule proposal, they should post to the list so a decision can be reached as soon as possible.

Also for this year, we face the issue of deciding on what the secondary event will be. So far we've had pen twirling/fisbee golf (1999), frisbee golf (2000), MALWIIAM (2001), the dancing game (2002) and Underwater Swimming (2003). There has been support for keeping Underwater Swimming, but others feel that the event should keep rotating. If anyone has an opinion they should let it be known, otherwise we will probably stick with Underwater Swimming again.

In more long-term news, some of you may remember an old rumor about 2006. That's right, the European Septathalon / World Cup trip. Seven European cities, seven events. But Jenny and I were talking about this other day, and came up with several problems. First, it will be incredibly difficult to organize (especially with this group). Second, it is likely that a lot of people won't be able to attend due to financial or time constraints. Third, it will be hard to travel around and still have time to do Septathalon events.

So, is anyone but vinnardo and the Animal still up for this idea? Is anyone very strongly against it? Right now I am kind of worried about how it will work out, but we'll see what everyone else thinks.

Anyway, hopefully we can come to a decision about some or all of this issues in a timely manner.

Here's hoping,
Scott Dogg


Color: Green to light brown
Comments: Ekanite is radioactive. Dispose of cutting waste immediately and keep all surfaces clean. Try not to breathe close to the cutting surface and store stones away from living and working areas. Better yet, cut something safer.

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