MAD FIGS Digest #8-2: 6/26/04

ITEM! An all-star team of Ultimate players from the MAD FIGS and Fresno Ultimate took the Long Beach Tournament by storm, claiming first place! (in the beer bracket) Exciting photos from the event can now be seen online!

ITEM! Despite the uproarious support for the first 2004 Septathalon shirt design, a new contendor has arisen! If you have an opinion on which one you'd like to wear, let us know!

ITEM! The Animal (aka Cue-Ball) "won" some crazy contest at the Giants game and had to have his head shaved for some reason. Photos are now up in the MAD FIGS gallery, but there's a whole page mostly devoted to the Animal located at:

ITEM! Details for the nugget-eating contest have been finalized. The competition will take place at the Ekins household shortly before the Ping Pong event begins. Exact starting time will depend on when Ultimate Frisbee ends, but will be strictly set in order to avoid delays.

ITEM! Arrangements have been made to ensure that the Saturday events this year will run more smoothly. The Animal will be providing an extra table for Ping Pong, so the event should finish much earlier. This means we can start bowling before the lanes are very busy, and possibly even finish the barefoot mile before dark!

ITEM! Keep checking the MAD FIGS website for the complete 2003 Septathalon results, updated betting odds, all-new projections, and past result comparisons! There's just over a month left to go until this year's event!

Scott Dogg

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