MAD FIGS Digest #9-1: 4/11/05

Since last August, I've heard a number of people ask about the results from the 2004 Septathalon. Invariably, I have reminded them that we had to cancel the event at the last minute and so there were no results available. However, several pieces of evidence have recently been presented that indicate the Septathalon did in fact take place. I personally have no recollection of this, but the large number of photographs and pages of documentation seem to confirm that it's true. So, the complete results from 2004 are finally available on the website:

Additionally, photos from the recent Davis Ultimate Invitiational 2005 have been posted at:

Another notable feature of the tournament was the presence of an official quorum of MAD FIGS, which allowed us to make several important decisions about upcoming Septathalons. The 2005 event has been scheduled for July 29-30, which everyone seems to be OK with.

We currently have two suggestions for the second supplementary event: Spitball Shooting (inspired by trips to Foster's Freeze during track practice) and Pull-Ups (inspired by the competition against Mr. Lusk at the first annual Official National Last Day of School Mile Run). The Septathalon committee is currently leaning towards an endorsement of the Pull-Up competition, although the matter is still open for discussion.

There are only a few minor changes the the schedule and rules to be made this year. First is an official addition to the overall tiebreakers - a mutually agreed upon contest of skill. Last year's wrestling match seemed to work well, so hopefully a similar system can be applied in the future. Second, the bowling event is now scheduled to take place at Blackstone Bowl instead of Fresno State. Although the CSUF alley is a more historic choice, we've had scheduling problems there for the last few years. Finally, there may be some slight modifications to the schedule once the second supplementary event is established.

Looking beyond 2005, the long-awaited European Septathalon lies ahead. Some preliminary plans have been made, but it looks like scheduling may prove to be difficult. Certain attendees have prior commitments at the end of July, so the time table may need to be changed. It is unknown how the World Cup will affect the planning as well. More details will certainly be determined at this year's Septathalon.

For some reason, I had always assumed that MFSE would replace the normal Septathalon for 2006. But the precedent for more than one annual event has already been established by the 2002 Wedding Biathalon, so there may also be a traditional Fresno event in 2006. If so, the prize for the European event would be the mysterious "MAD FIGS Euro" that we've been hearing rumors about. More details to follow...

Finally, on a personal note, Pookie and I have some good news. We are currently in the process of buying a house here in Southern California, and if things go well we should be moving in this summer. This may necessitate a move of MAD FIGS Corporate Headquarters (which is currently located at the Christiansen residence in Fresno), but more information will be made available soon. This should not affect health or dental benefits for MAD FIGS Inc. employees, but 401k plans may need to be updated (consult with your tax attorney for details).

Scott Dogg

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