DUI team newsletter - 3/28/04

Dear Fresno Figs Ultimate,
The Davis Ultimate Invitational is only days away! This email is to get everyone on the same page and fired up about the upcoming weekend. I've spent the last three months deprived of Ultimate in Idaho, so I've been looking forward to this for some time.

The Team

The following list is the people I expect to be playing (and paying). If your information differs from mine in any way, please let me know as soon as possible.

1. Animal
2. Lito
3. vinnardo
4. Matty
5. Scott Dogg
6. Paul
7. Tony
8. Joel
9. Akira (Sunday)
10. Maya
11. Paul's friend Will
12. Mike G?
13. Bryan Qualls (TBD)

1. Jennifer
2. Rebecah
3. Michelle
4. Heidi
5. Shannon
6. Deanna
7. Letty (TBD)

Bryan Qualls and Letty are/were in Costa Rica until recently but I was given enough hope that I think it's a good possibility of them playing. (Write me Bryan!)

Of note missing from the above list is the Angry Bear whom I called and was given an immediate no-I-have-too-much-work, which was eventually upgraded to "we'll see." So I think the outlook is not good. I would like this guy to be there. Anyone with sway should contact him.

Money Matters

I fronted the bid of $275. Scott Dogg has been so generous as to front $160 for team "refreshments" (yours to keep). So if all 20 people show up and pay, the fair share for each individual will be $22. This fee was calculated as follows:
275/20 + 160/20 = 14 + 8 = 22.
If we have 18 players the cost goes to $25 each. This is an expensive tournament but we've kept the costs down with our numbers and Scotty got a good deal on the refreshments. Thanks in advance for making this a smooth process.

Other team news:

The tournament schedule has yet to be released so I can't tell you what time to be at the fields on Saturday. I'll let you know as soon as I do.

Carpools should be worked out by Tuesday to placate Shannon. Please talk amongst yourselves.

If you need a place to stay I know of two options. Paul and Heidi have floor space and a BBQ in Sacramento. Tony has room for up to six at his parents home in Woodland. And there will be a pancake breakfast. T-Bird likes to plan ahead so let him know as soon as possible if you would like to stay there.

Paul and vinnardo have been diligently developing playbooks that maximize our talent and field smarts. These plays are top secret even to me, so I'm looking forward to seeing what we will be unleashing on our unsuspecting opponents.

There are many and divergent philosophies of Ultimate, but my visions for this team are fairly simple:
constant motion
go deep
play barefoot (when conditions merit)

Above all, the team rule #1 is to have a damn good time. I would like to hear others' opinions on this and I encourage you to make known your visions in this space.

Here's the list of the coed teams in the tournament fyi:
1. Bender
2. Black Sheep
3. Canned Yams
4. CTR
5. Faux Hammer
6. Feral Cows
7. Free Range
8. Fresno Figs
9. Frizbee Nation
10. Hi-Fidelity
11. Hot in Da Sac
12. Humboldt Crew
13. Mischief
14. Mountain Ultimate
15. RFBF
16. Shazam

All you creative types please feel free to start developing some cheers to play off these names. That job is not for me.

I know we have several tournament virgins on our roster so please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

I'm sure there's more to cover, but this is quite enough for me to say at the moment. I'm psyched to be coming back to California and playing frisbee with all of you. We'll be in touch.


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