Invitation from the Animal for NCAA Pool: 3/16/04

Welcome to the 10th Annual MAD FIGS NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool. It's that most wonderful time of year again for gathering 'round the brackets and listening to vinnardo trash talking about how UCLA is going to win it all. This is the most wide-open tournament in years, and as such I fully expect it to be the most participated in MAD FIGS pool of all time. For those new to the bracket all you need to play is a free Yahoo! ID. I believe a link is provided above (and below), but you can go to and join the MAD FIGS group (#66264) with password: madfigs. Don't delay in signing up - the picks will lock early Thursday morning. For practice, try picking this evening's play-in game between Lehigh and Florida A&M. It's gonna be a doozy.

As always, you don't have to be a college basketball fan to participate in this pool. Over the years we've had picks made solely by utilizing a dart board, a home-made computer program, team colors, and ferocity of mascot (man beats animal beats inanimate object). Last year a 7 year old took 6th place! So as you can see, even if you can't pronounce 'Valparaiso' you can be in the game. I can't wait to see what new and ingenious selection methods will be devised this time.

I think every year I recount the same old stories about my picks winning $500 for Gary Leff or my brilliant foresight in picking Gonzaga to go to the Elite Eight in 1999. But this year I wanted to give you all something different. Something creative and motivational. In honor of the 10th anniversary, I would like to present to you a poem, written by our very own Scott Dogg in freshman English class, and forever committed to my memory. I think you will find his words inspiring and give you much to ponder as you fill out your own bracket. Enjoy:


Arkansas won
I wanted Duke

Scott Dogg, March 1994

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