Dear Fat Louie,

How is the shoulder I hope that you have a speedy recovery. All I can say is those guys can thank their lucky stars that Shawn arrived and the two of you were able to take care of buisness, because let me tell you if my best man Fat Louie had been lost to a group of thugs like that they would of learned the true meaning of pain.

After capturing these stupid raw meat eating fucks I think I would start by tying each of them to a chair and blowing each of their toes off. I would then pull each of their nose hairs out with a pair of tweezers. If any of them objected I would throw their toes on a grill, wire their mouths open, and feed them their own fuckin toes. I would then give them the option of death by a bullet through the back of the head or to undergo more torture and possibly be let go. If any were dumb enough to undergo the next series of torture, I would start by stapling their eye lids open and feeding them sleeping pills. I would then release them barefoot in to a room full of scorpions. The last one to pass out from the venom would be given the antigen and set free to tell the world what happens when you fuck with one of Chris (Killa) Quinnelli's boys.

By the way send my compliments to Shawn for the "Chris Quinn's House," it was a nice touch and I am surprised that you didn't think of it first. Let Shawn know that he is no longer just a freelance ninja he to now works for Chris (Killa) Quinnelli. A few more heroics like that and he too might get his own parking spot with his title MASTER NINJA on it.

Anyways I am glad to hear that Fat Louie is still alive and don't worry about your slip up, a few kills and everything will be back to normal again. The legend of Chris (KILLA) Quinnelli and Fat Louie lives on, and ain't nobody gonna get in our way because if they do they just bought themselves a nice little one way ticket to HELL!


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