Painting Problems

Fat Louie I knew I could count on you for a proper apology. It would only figure that you would take the extra step and improve our relations with Sproul cafeteria. There is nothing like a little shmoosing and some sizzling Big Gay AL that won't heal past wrongs. However I am having a few problems that I would like you to take care of.

The other day I was walking home from my Sociology class admiring the work that the painting crew was doing on the signs that direct us to our dorms. It was at this time that I took a second look and realized that the two painters had wrote the words "Killa Quinelli and Fat Louie are bitches". So of course I calmly approached the two imbecels and asked them, "So you have somehing against Killa and his boy Fat Louie." The bigger painter calmly replied, "Yeah what's it to ya." The painter wouldn't have been so calm if he new who he was talking to. I looked him in the eyes and said, "it's nothing to me" as I started to turn from him. "It's just that my fist disagrees," as I turned sharply back toward him punching him in the face as hard as I could. As the big lug hit the ground I yelled, "my foot doesn't seem to like what you have done with the paint job either" as I kicked the dumb bitch in his head. I then grabbed him by his ankles and proceeded to wrap the big son of a bitch in the tape he had been using to help him paint the sign. I wrapped him all the way up to his shoulders leaving just his sick mouth, which he had continued to curse me with throughout the whole process. I then turned him upside down, lifted him up in the air, and drowned him in a bucket of paint just big enough to fit his fat head. I then got an idea. I used his paint covered head to make a new sign. A sign that read, "The last guy who fucked with Killa Quinnelli" with an arrow poiniting to his lifeless body leaning on the sign.

His friend who had watched the whole ordeal ran off yelling, "We are going to get you Killa Quinnelli, me and the rest of my painting company." I did a little background work for you Fat Louie. His painting company is located on Sunset strip. There are about 40 men that are a part off this company. I would appreciate it if you took care of the whole lot of them for me.

Killa Quinnelli

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