It looks like that little mouse problem is back again. Don't you hate it how you kill all the sissy little mice but one, and that stupid one thinks he's a bad-ass. That little Don Shawn is saying that he's cool because he destroyed some of our stuff, but all we can do is thank him.

You know how I said we didn't have enough money to build the Killa Quinneli Nuclear Facility on the site of the research library, well now we don't have to because the sissy supposedly broke down the building. If you look at the hidden camera tape from inside the building, you will see the sissy Don getting spanked by the male librarian, and then thirty-five of his sissy henchmen had to get the librarian off him. I laughed when I saw the tape, you will too.

Remember how I said it would be nice to have a Gondola on Bruin Walk. I wasn't going to be able to do it because the machines used to destroy the street were just too expensive. I had an idea, I set up a fake plaque that said I funded Bruin Walk, this made the Don buy all the equipment and start tearing up the walk as I desired. As you can see he couldn't afford the machines for the whole walk, because he spent ALL of his money on the upper part. Thanks to the Don's stupidity, we will all be able to ride the Fat Louie Gondola to our classes.

The dining halls. My question is: Why the hell is this Don guy screwing over other people with the dining halls, just to get at us. He can't seem to find anyother way. Killa, my second question is: What can we destroy? We have all this cool stuff for the Don to try and destroy, but what can we do? Nothing. The only thing that is named after him is at Rieber, you know. The Peanut Butter Pizza is nick-named by the staff as "The Killa's Bitch's Pizza." By the way, that pizza I had this morning was damn guudt, but I don't know if you noticed. It wasn't made by a man, it was made by a bitch, namely OUR bitch, Don Sissy Shawn. In fact it was so guudt that I think the Don should open up a restruant called "The Killa's Bitch's Pizza." The name Killa would bring the customers, and the pizza made by a real bitch would keep them there.


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