What do you say to a poor stupid bitch like Don Shawn. I guess we thank him for helping us out. It takes a true imbecele to fall that hard with out even questioning the set up. I thought that my only girl would grow up to be smarter than that. I guess I will have to talk to that bitch and ask him how he feels about your pizza ideas. We may have to modify the title to Killa's little girl sells pizza it just has a nicer ring to it, and I think it would really bring in the families. However if he objects I guess we might just have to start the buisness without him.

I don't think that we should kill Don(sissy)Shawn, at least right now anyways. I think it's kind of cute that he wants to be like his daddy. I find some of his childish pranks quite entertaining. It is quite funny how he is so proud of the fact that he killed someone with a curly fry. I once killed a whole cafeteria with a curly fry, but let's just let him think that he is wreaking havoc around UCLA. When in reality we are really just letting him play around in a craddle. If it gets out of hand I will let you do away with this fruit cake but for now let us just have a good laugh at his expense.


p.s. how is the halloween store project going?

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