Time to reclaim the teritori


I figured that since the two of us have been gone for such a long time I should make a patrol around our turf here at UCLA. I was walking down Gayley into Westwood when I remembered you saying something about some Halloween costume shops. Frightened I was going to let the Killa down I decided to run to the addresses and see if those jerks were still in business, and if they were, to make sure they would soon be out of it.

I came upon the first of the shops and found that after the Halloween season the owner had converted it into a pet store. I stormed inside to find a short man with a rather large belly. I asked him if he had ever heard of someone named Chris Quinn, to which he replied, "Yes, I saw him running by the store, panting like a sissy, like you are right now."

That comment hit me like a rock and I asked if he was calling me or Chris a sissy. He only said, "Bolth!" I swear my whole face turned red with anger and I think he noticed this because his turned white with fear. I grabbed an over-sized novelty dog bone and clubbed this sick bellied pig with it, and he feel unconscious to the floor. While he was out I set up his ending. I tied him back down with his four appendages stretched out. I splashed water on his face to wake him, and he was confused as to why he was tied up like this. I told him he shouldn't have asked because knowing what is going to happen to him is much worse than the act itself. I explained how I had his two favorite rats in a metal bucket. This bucket was to be tied onto the top of his stomach with the opening down and the rats unable to escape. I did this and he laughed some at the tickles of the rats, and also my method of torture.

He thought I was trying to laugh him to death, but oh so wrong was he. I explained that rats hate heat so much that they will do anything to get away from it. He didn't understand, so I puts burning hot coals on the top of the bucket, thus heating it emensly; then said, "There is only one way for the rats to go to get away from the heat fat man, and that way is down. When you get to hell, tell 'em Fat Louie sent ya. And don't talk bad about the Killa ever again."

One down, a few more to go. We'll get this town back. OUT!

-Fat Louie

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