I think I've broken the code

Hi Guys-

Well, Septathlon is coming up relatively soon, and I think I have figured out how we can put a stop to this underwater swimming for good. This year, three Mad Figs fundamentalists (perhaps us) will have to wear nothing but banana-hammock, thong (and I mean dental floss) swim trunks. If we do a lot of hamstring stretching infront of everyone, I am sure we will get requests to not deal with this underwater swimming again. Then we can get back to some real Mad Figs events like cigar rolling or toothpick swallowing. Anyway, I felt like I broke the code to our little underwater goofing around problem. Let me know if you guys are down, 'cause I'll make the suits myself.

I hope your days are treating you well. What's with the work Animal, it's getting in the way of your Dam Diner eating. I am done with school, so my days are lazy. I will be going to Europe on the 21st of June, so Animal, let me know if you want to roll up to Sactown, or Berkeley to visit Vinnardo. I will be down in Fresno, so I will give you more notice next time Animal. Also, Scotty, I will be down in LA sometime too, and I think the twins will want to play paintball. I'll let you know (Animal, if you want to go, that would be awesome, but I know how much you love paintball). Talk to you guys later.


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