Figs and Septathlon Sponsors,

I have some tragic news about the fate of our 14th place goose. I know that he was trusted to my care because my wife was the 14th place contestant for the second year in a row. We love the goose, but he started biting Lindsay and squawking all night. We decided the goose needed a little R&R. So, we sent him to visit some family out in New York, and then a little good looking goose down in Charlotte, North Carolina. Unfortunately, when our goose took off from New York to Charlotte, another group of fliers took off for a similar flight from LaGuardia airport. Our poor little friend was sucked into an engine of the Airbus A320. The pilot of that plane is being hailed as a hero because he safely landed it in the Hudson River and ALL passengers survived. What people don't seem to realize is that not ALL involved survived the tragic event. Our goose was pureed into a million pieces. I have spoken to his twin brother, and the brother has committed to come to the septathlon for the next 5 years. Nothing like this happened when the goose was under T-Bird's care. So T-Bird, you've got to beat Heidi to the 14th spot this year.


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