This is a tribute page made by Scott for his ex-debate partner Gretchen. She is cool. Everyone wants be her friend. She is pretty, funny, has good ideas, is a genius at filing and researching for debate, and has lots of experience prepping debate. She is also an absolute genius at flirting with debate judges, especially water polo players. She goes to Harvard, where she has lots and lots of fun, most of which she remembers. In conclusion, all guys want to date her and all girls want to be her because she's cool like that and she's all that and a bag of chips plus tax. She's a Knicks fan. She also likes Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco, Sarah McLaughlin, and REM, and she likes to read books, especially by Shakespeare and Jane Austen and A.S. Byatt. She makes little pots. If she had fish she'd name them Eliot, Plath, and Sexton... no, not Sexton... Hopkins and Hemingway. She has three roommates named Lily, Katie and Julie. Lily is the mistress of trickiness. Julie is a gold card shopper at J Crew. Katie will be on Riverdance someday and likes to listen to Indigo Girls too. Her other two best friends are named Cristin and Amy. Amy is starring in Baywatch Virginia Beach this summer. Cristin is eluding axe murderers in her hometown.

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