Round 6 at the Loyola-Marymount Invite 1995

The Great Vinnardo and Incredible Guy vs. Goofball Guys

By the time the last normal round of the tournament came around, Paul and Justin knew that they didn't have much of a chance. No matter what they did, they were not going to break. Additionally, it was the only round that day of the tournament. Not wanting to waste the effort of getting dressed up, they both went to the round wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and Justin also wore rollerblades.

As the negative team, Paul and Justin pulled out their greatest weapons against their opponents. They ran the anarchy counterplan, along with as many disadvantages they could fit into 8 minutes. Finally, Paul read The Document as a critique of the affirmative plan. The affirmative was not too happy with the antics of their opponents. They tried to take the round seriously, but found that it was simply impossible.

Since Paul had started flowing the round on the chalkboard, he was forced to give most of his speeches from the back of the room. Also, he flowed some of the round sideways, and had to turn his head upside down to read it. When answering one of the arguments put out by the affirmative, Justin said simply, "Third, this argument is gay!" This did not go over well with the judge, who was quite flitty himself. When Paul got to this argument in his speech, he said, "extend the argument that this is g... extend my partner's number 3!" Finally, Justin attempted to drop the document in the 2NR. When he did this, Paul began yelling at him in protest. Despite a superior performance by the negative team, the affirmative somehow won the round.

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