Jerry Tarkanian Intro

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Everyone probably remembers Jerry Tarkanian best from his days of head coaching basketball at UNLV. After winning the national championship in 1993, Tark retired from coaching, and most people thought he was done with basketball for good. But recently, Tark has come back to coaching, at Fresno State University, a small school in central California.

People had high hopes for Tark, thinking that he could rejuvenate the program as he had done at UNLV. And Tark got things off to a good start, recruiting several key players, including [James Gray in 1995, Garret Terdenge in 1996], one of the hottest prospects in the nation.

[Continues with an extensive summary of the season up to the point of the speech, usually including record, key victories, and key scores]

ENDING #1: Unfortunately, the team has not been perfect. Fans are distraught, and after a recent loss several even committed suicide. This just goes to show that despite what everyone always says, winning is everything. People won't be happy unless they are successful. This is exactly the case in [relates to topic].

ENDING #2: Even though Fresno State has been having some problems recently, the fans know that there is always hope for the future. This is exactly the case with [relates to topic].

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