Hole #6


The disc must be thrown from within the triangular area formed by wooden boards between the par course pull-up bar poles. The target is quite a ways distant, although it is easy to find. There are two possible approaches, the first of which is pictured above. Throwing the disc around the wall of trees to the right is a shorter route, although there are many trees which can get in the way further on.

Course Update: The pull-up bars have been replaced with a newer, but similar, obstacle which can still be used as a starting point.


The other alternative is by going left around the trees, along the dirt road around the peremeter of the park. It is longer but offers a clear path to the target.


The hairpin logs are one of the largest targets on the course. However, it can still be difficult since the large weeds around the base of the logs can stop discs from rolling into place.

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